Main Features

1. Strong Power : Advanced European technology which greatly improved the air inlet efficiency to make the engine stronger power.  When fixed with the vehicle, it has the advantages of easy drive, fast move with heavy load, good capability of climbing , and speed up.
2. Low Fuel Consumption: With European technology of high detonation pressure, and high efficiency of combustion system, the fuel consumption is 5-8% lower than other local engines.
3. Reliability: The cylinder block strengthened more than 30%, adopt inner cold vitta,  low heat load piston with high reliability. The engine and parts are tested with 100,000 hours to ensure long time running.
4. Good High and Cold environment Performance ability : high efficiency of cooling system which can make the engine work in 50 ℃ environment without problem. Unique air inlet preheat system to make engine easy start in -30℃ environment. The products export to Russia, Iran areas with good reputation.

Technical parameters

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Main parameters

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